After-school Science Clubs for Primary Schools

Would you like your school to offer a regular science after-school club featuring Vet School, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Innovation - taught using experiments, games, drama, teamwork and design with some song and dance thrown in for good measure?


ScienceClubz for Home Educators at Spiceball Leisure, Banbury


In the Spring of 2016, ScienceClubz students joined with other students across the world in producing art about asteroids and space and the origins of our life on Earth. ScienceClubz digitised this art and submitted it to NASA to be loaded on to a chip inside the spacecraft and taken to the Asteroid, Bennu, where it will remain for thousands of years. Nasa confirmed receipt of our submission and on the 8th September 2016, the rocket launching OSIRIS REx successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, along with our chip! Awesome!

  • Your club can be set up any time through the term
  • It costs the school nothing to set up and run
  • We provide the facilitators and all equipment
  • Children build a portfolio of their science work through the year in their special ScienceClubz folders
  • Special extra events are sometimes laid on for free - such as Nuclear Fusion demos from Culham Laboratory

ScienceClubz into Space

Our Art in Space submission to NASA has been launched on 7th September 2016 from Cape Canaveral!

Vet School

From September, ScienceClubz will include a

Vet School topic as part of its schedule.

Vet School information
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We believe that kids learning science should be shown techniques to unleash their creativity -  then will we have future scientists who can dream up innovative solutions to our worlds challenges.  Go on, get your kids to do some creative writing this week!

Our students start with a text book image of little green men, and then show an impressive ability to look at real evidence and re-evaluate their perspectives.

Take eight pupils in years Reception to Year 3, give them some
inspiration and ten minutes later get an amazing little short story...



Our art is in SPACE! 


Art into Space

Interview about Kids Science now on Youtube

The Science of Smell

A number of intrepid junior scientists had a bash at the perfume design challenge and engineered their own creations.  If you look closely - the ingredients of one can be seen in the photo - try it yourself - it smells fantastic - Roll over Chanel No. 5!

This could be the first picture you see of actual life on Mars!

Who would have thought that when asked "Who wants to look at a dead mackerel?" the whole class would say "YES!" and pretty much all of them got hands-on to feel the feathery gills of this amazing fish.  The surface area needs to be large so the gills can get out the 1% or so of dissolved Oxygen from the water. Take a look at the short film snippet to see how and why it needs to use only DISSOLVED Oxygen!

Key Stage 1 Pupil haging up a Water Cycle experiment
Let's Write Some Science Fiction: "Purple Planet Pop" from KS2 students
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